Bowie StreetReach - Our Mission
Our mission is simple – To reach the City of Bowie with the love of Jesus, one yard at a time.
Through serving people we show them that God is not only alive but loves them so much that a group of strangers would come to their home and help them clean their yard.
Bowie StreetReach began in July 2008 when a group of 24 young people took up residence at Mt Oak Fellowship in a tent village and spent one week of their summer vacation working in stranger’s yards pulling up weeds, mowing grass, clearing debris and helping people who needed help.
This pioneering group worked at seven different properties in the city of Bowie during that week and made a significant impact on the lives of those residents, but more importantly, this service week made an equally significant impact on the lives of the group of StreetReachers themselves.

And the tradition of serving continues...
This coming July we will undertake our 11th  week-long StreetReach event from July 8–14. This week will once again provide an opportunity for us to impact the City of Bowie as we love the residents through our service. Why don’t you consider being a part of StreetReach 2018.
Click here to download the information and application form for StreetReach 2018.

Click here to read a newspaper article from the Bowie Gazette about how Bowie StreetReach 2012 went.
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